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Audio IC

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Coding chip: There are not many manufacturers, Japan AKM lives alone in the first grade, although CS/wolfson also has, but generally speaking, there is no complete product series of AKM, especially multi-channel, high index, AKM is stronger. The signal-to-noise ratio is from 90dB-127dB, with single-ended input and differential input; with PLL and without PLL; with vehicle regulation and non-vehicle regulation, nearly 30 models... The common ones are AK5552VN, AK5720VT, AK5388AET , AK5701KN, AK5572EN, AK5397EQ and more. Among them, the signal-to-noise ratio of AK5397 reaches 127dB, and there are 5 more than 120dB, all of which can be applied to the audio analyzer AP.

Codec chip: Since Qualcomm, MTK, Mstar, Hisilicon, Novatek and other main chips in the mobile phone, TV, security, and Bluetooth headset market integrate this part, the market for decoding chips is getting smaller and smaller. However, some products pursue better sound quality, and there are still AKM, CS/Wolfson, Ti, Nuvoton, Realtek, C-media, and Suzhou Shunxin. In the security, driving recorder, sports DV, body camera, vehicle and other markets, Ti, AKM, CS and wolfson were the main ones in the early days. Started in the security surveillance market. In the sports DV and vehicle market, AKM and CS are still the main products. The other two brands, Realtek, mainly focus on the notebook market, while C-media's codec with a USB interface focuses on the portable sound card market.

DSP processing chip: There are mainly ADI, AKM, Fudi, Conexant, Dream several manufacturers. In the automotive digital tuning market, ADI has been unique for many years and is in a monopoly position. After 2015, AKM also launched a multi-segment EQ and Dolby surround sound processing chip. However, due to the closed data, the underlying driver is not open, and there are not many customers who use it. . Later, AK7738, AK7735, AK7739, AK7604, etc. were launched, especially after AK7738 was applied in Apple Carplay, it was gradually accepted by domestic users. Especially the AK7739, the performance indicators can compete with ADI's flagship chip. In terms of echo and noise cancellation, Fudi is the earliest and most well-known. The classics such as FM1188, AK7754 and AK7755 launched by AKM are also good. They are also used in car Bluetooth hands-free calling and security intercom full-duplex calling applications to a large share of the market. Due to price and technical support issues, Conexant is relatively less well known. Echo and noise cancellation technology has a certain threshold, and it is not easy to do. Due to the complexity of debugging and the design of the product cavity structure, several manufacturers only support large customers. The last French Dream audio processing chip is a niche brand. Its audio processing chips are mainly used in electric pianos, electronic drums, electric guitars, effects, KTVs and other fields. Professionals who make electronic musical instruments have access to them.