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AKM Audio IC Stock

Time: 2022-05-05    Copyfrom:

Since the fire occurred in the second manufacturing department, and some Audio DSP models only have one process flow for wafer testing in the factory, the recovery is relatively fast. The specific models are: AK7735EQ, AK7735AVQ, AK7755EN, AK7738AVQ, AK7738FAVQ, AK7739VQ, AK7604VQ, AK7602VQ, AK7602VN, AK4436VN, AK4438VN, AK5720VT, AK4432VT... The prices of these models have returned to normal levels, and a small amount of stock is available.

The unaffected models have Hall, E-compass and several DACs, such as AK09918C, AK09919, AK4377A, AK4377, AK4331, AK4332 are fully available.

The AK4495EQ, AK4495SEQ, AK4490EQ and AK4497EQ that are concerned by the majority of portable player customers and the HiFi circle will not be restored in the future, but will be replaced by AK4493EQ and AK4493SEQ (2pcs AK4493SEQ=1pcs AK4497EQ). AK4498EQ.

AK4118AEQ, AK4137, AK4113 and other conversion chips have a late recovery time.

More models, welcome to inquire. Such as AK4493EQ, AK4490EQ, AK4358, AK5552VN, etc. have a small amount of stock, but the price is slightly higher.