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AKM Audio IC updated news

Time: 2022-05-05    Copyfrom:

In response to the urgent needs of the HIFI decoding and player market, AKM has given priority to restoring the supply of mid-to-high-end DAC chips. However, it is slightly different from the specifications of the previous version of AK4490EQ and AK4493EQ. For details, please refer to the official website specification.

According to AKM's product planning positioning and parameter indicators, the new version of AK4490REQ≈the original AK4493EQ, and the new version of 2pcs AK4493SEQ≈the original AK4497EQ. But the package is not pin-to-pin compatible and needs to be redesigned.

In January 2022, samples of AK4490REQ and AK4493SEQ will be provided to relevant customers for evaluation, and the feedback results are good, especially AK4493SEQ, which is very cost-effective. The first batch of goods arrived in the hands of customers on April 14.

If it is a portable product, we strongly recommend that customers choose AK4490REQ, because the index is not low and the price has obvious advantages.

Many people are concerned about AK4497EQ and AK4499EQ. I can only say that I am very sorry. AK4497EQ will be permanently discontinued, and samples of AK4191EQ+AK4499EX will be released in July to replace the original AK4499EQ... Two pieces are inconvenient for many customers. The two will be merged into one, and you will need to wait for AKM to send an email to explain, so stay tuned.

In addition to the two main DAC chips, AKM currently supplies AK4432VT, AK5704EN, AK5720VT, AK4436VN, AK4940VN, AK2346A, and will supply AK4951AEN, AK4452VN, AK5522VN, AK4558EN and other models in batches from July to August.